Canada needs to protect its borders

Canada has a proud history of welcoming immigrants.

But there are individuals who purposely abuse our generosity and enter Canada through illegal means.

So far this year, 32,000 migrants have illegally entered Canada. That number is expected to climb to 40,000 by the end of the year – more than doubling recent averages.

And it’s clear - the Trudeau government has no strategy to stop the ongoing flow of illegal migrants.

In fact, each illegal migrant is given $20,000 per year when they enter Canada, courtesy of taxpayers!

There could be dangerous long-term consequences to Trudeau’s immigration approach.

The U.K. and Europe deal with a radicalized insurgency on a daily basis, because their borders were left open and illegal immigration wasn’t tackled.

We need to ensure Canadians are aware that hundreds of individuals are illegally crossing into Canada on a daily basis.

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