Al Gore has no credibility!

Former US Vice President, Al Gore, apparently has an opinion about an existing pipeline upgrade project in Canada.

That’s right - this American politician is lecturing Canadians on how to be “more green”.

On May 10, 2018, Gore tweeted the following:


There are lots of lies in Al Gore’s tweet - but Al Gore has a history of just making things up:

“The arctic ice cap will be gone by 2014”

“Mount Kilimanjaro will be free of snow by the end of the decade”

  • In An Inconvenient Truth, Gore stated that Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania would be free of snow on its peak by “the end of the decade.” Mount Kilimanjaro still has snow all year round on its peak.

“Polar bears are in danger of drowning”

  • An Inconvenient Truth memorably claimed that the polar bears were in danger of drowning because of an increasing inability to find ice. In reality, the number of polar bears in the world has increased over the past decade, from 20,000-25,000 to 23,000-32,000 as of 2016.

“An Inconvenient Truth”

Al Gore has made himself a very rich man by selling lies and making claims about our environment that have proven to be flat out false. He doesn’t care about the truth; he’s made a career from scaring people:

Net worth

  • Forbes estimated Al Gore’s net worth in 2013 as being in excess of $200M USD. Consider that Gore’s net worth when he ran for president for the second time in 2000 was stated as a mere $1.7 million, the majority of these assets being tied to his inherited family farm. Regardless of the motives behind his advocacy, it is undeniable that Mr. Gore’s environmentalist activism has been extremely lucrative for him.

Number of homes

  • Al Gore owns two large homes. One is a 10,000-square-foot mansion in Gore’s home state of Tennessee, in the city of Nashville. The other, which Gore and his now ex-wife Tipper purchased for $8,875,000 in 2010, is located in Montecito, California.

Private jet

Al Gore has no credibility, and he has no business telling us Canadians what to do in our own country. Canadians should stand up to this huckster, and tell him mind his own business.  That’s the real inconvenient truth.

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