April 13th, 2017: Looking Back


Last week, in response to an apparent sarin gas attack on Syrian civilians by Bashar al-Assad, President Trump reasserted American strength and power on the world stage by unleashing 59 tomahawk missiles. The attack targeted Syrian military air bases and wiped out the capacity for future attacks.

As True North’s Candice Malcolm points out, “with all his flaws, Trumps is reasserting American strength and power on the world stage – and the world will be safer and more secure because of it”. 

America is back, and Trump is making up for Obama’s strategic missteps from the last 8 years.

In contrast, Justin Trudeau and his government are misleading Canadians about the details of ending Canada’s combat mission in Syria and Iraq.

Throughout the 2015 election campaign, Trudeau seemed to have a clear vision for ending Canada’s combat mission in Iraq and Syria. Trudeau’s commitment to pull Canada’s CF-18s became a key fixture in the Liberal platform, and the government insisted that Canada’s allies had no problem pulling its six fighter jets from the combat mission.

However, according to new documents, “the Iraqi minister of defence was clearly focused on Canada’s decision to withdraw its CF-18 fighter jets from the coalition air strikes, asking Minister Sajjan to reconsider on numerous occasions”.

It’s clear the Trudeau government is blatantly lying to Canadians. For the Trudeau government, campaign rhetoric and partisan politics is more important than supporting our allies and national security.