April 26th, 2017: Looking Back


Last week, the True North Initiative published a report calling on the Trudeau government to designate illegal crossings as Irregular Arrivals.

The crisis along the US border is getting worse, and the Trudeau government has done nothing to stop the flow of illegal crossings. The government can no longer ignore the problem.

Last week, the RCMP announced that they stopped 887 asylum seekers from illegally entering Canada at official border points just last month. The numbers show there’s a steady increase of asylum seekers making their way into Canada. In February, 658 were intercepted. In January, 315 were intercepted.

In addition, the CBSA announced that 3 individuals who were intercepted in Manitoba were detained because they were found to be a danger to the public. One of the recent detainees allegedly assaulted a female officer on April 8.

Human smugglers are trying to bypass our immigration laws, and our Canadian officials are merely ignoring the problem and pretending it doesn’t exist.

We can no longer ignore this problem, and our policy report seeks to provide a roadmap for officials to deal with what CBSA union President Jean-Pierre Fortin has called “a crisis.”