August 10th, 2017: Looking Back


Last week, we saw our border crisis flare up once again. On Wednesday, Montreal’s Olympic Stadium opened its doors to accommodate the rising number of asylum seekers, who could no longer be housed and processed by traditional means.

As True North’s Anthony Furey points out, the government’s decision to house asylum seekers in the Olympic Stadium is reminiscent of what they did in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, or in refugee camps in countries near Iraq and Syria.

It was revealed that the Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen, was warned in March that the flow of migrants entering Canada illegally would turn into a larger problem. However, the Liberal government did nothing.

Likewise, Montreal’s mayor Denis Coderre declared Montreal as a “sanctuary city”. As a result, Montreal is now experiencing a U.S.-style crisis.

True North’s Candice Malcolm says, “Canada needs a plan of action to stop the surge of illegal immigration and maintain the integrity of our system”.