August 16th, 2017: Looking Back


The situation at our southern border continues to worsen. However, the Trudeau government continues to look the other way rather than cracking down on this dangerous and illegal activity.

Due to a deliberate misinformation campaign over social media, many aspiring refugees have arrived at our doorsteps.

However, as True North’s Candice Malcolm reported last week, Canada removed special status for Haitians long before the U.S. This means many Haitian nationals will very likely get deported.

The Trudeau government needs to clarify our laws. After a thorough review of country conditions in August 2016, under the watch of Trudeau, the Canadian government decided that Haiti was stable and safe enough to suspend the program. 

Instead of rolling out the red carpet and allowing misleading information to spread. The government’s response is misleading migrants and giving them false hope about their future in Canada.