August 25th, 2017: Looking Back


Justin Trudeau has lost all control of the illegal immigration crisis at our southern border. 

Since Canada Day, 6800 asylum seekers from the US have illegally crossed into Quebec. The Olympic Stadium in Montreal is at full capacity, the military is building migrant camps, and now the crisis has reached Ontario. Last week, the Trudeau government announced Nav Canada in Cornwall, ON will become an additional migrant shelter.

Federal Transport Minister, Marc Garneau, insists everything is “under control” and that “there is no crisis”.

Canadians aren’t buying the Trudeau government’s lies. More than half of Canadians think Ottawa isn’t in control of the illegal immigration crisis.

Rather than cracking down on this dangerous and illegal activity, the Trudeau government has looked the other way. Trudeau has ignored this problem for so long, he’s lost control of it.