August 4th, 2017: Looking Back


Last week, it was revealed that the Trudeau government was planning to overhaul Canada’s citizenship guide: a study guide for the citizenship exam for newcomers. 

One change specifically should be very concerning for Canadians, particularly at a time while Canada is increasing immigration from places that don’t share our fundamental respect for individual rights and freedoms.

The Trudeau government is removing the warning that honour killings and female genital mutilations are crimes in Canada.

Trudeau often calls himself a “feminist”, but this empty gesture means nothing if he’s not willing to stand up for girls and women who are victim of cultural violence in other countries, when they come to Canada.

True North’s Candice Malcolm says, “Instead of repeating that he’s a feminist, Trudeau should repeat that men and women have equal rights and receive equal protection here in Canada.”

Barbaric cultural practices should have no place in Canada. We should make sure all newcomers to Canada embrace our values – notably that men and women have the same rights and protections in Canada.