Border crisis: “Syrian refugees” ignore our laws — and so do Canadian authorities

(This piece originally appeared in The Rebel)

There is a crisis on our southern border, and Canadian law enforcement officials seem woefully unprepared to deal with the ongoing flow of migrants illegally crossing into Canada. 


These illegal crossing create a real security threat, and Canadians are right to be concerned about the self-proclaimed and self-selected refugees coming in through the back door. 

A remarkable video by Faith Goldy here at the Rebel Media reveals the problem. 

If you haven’t already seen video, please, watch it now.

Every Canadian should watch this video, including our Prime Minister and everyone who works in his government.

There are a lot of remarkable aspects of this video, but I’m going to pick up on just three of them:

First: In the video the RCMP officers can be seen telling the man to cross elsewhere.

But the man insists that he cross at that exact spot.

So, why does the will of a foreign asylum seeker win out over Canada’s police and our written laws? 

This is someone who has not screened, vetted, or even had his identity checked, and yet, the police actually follow his orders.

It’s mind boggling.

But even more so, ask yourself, why is he so insistent that he cross at that exact spot?

WATCH for the answer, and the other shocking revelations in Faith Goldy’s exclusive report.