Build that pipeline!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau once said he wants to “phase out” oil sand projects.

Canada’s Environment Minister, Catherine McKenna, once said she has “no time” for people who criticize her policies.

Justin Trudeau’s top advisor and Principal Secretary, Gerald Butts, once said that when it comes to pipelines, it isn’t about finding “an alternative route, it’s an alternative economy.”

The Trudeau government’s policies have killed the North Gateway pipeline, the Energy East pipeline, and now the Trans Mountain pipeline.

And it looks like they’re doing it on purpose.

Far from championing jobs and economic growth, Justin Trudeau goes out of his way to wink and nod at extremists who work to demonize Canadian oil.

Are you sick and tired of leftist radicals who demonize Canadian oil?

Unlike Trudeau, Canadians understand that we already have the world’s strongest environmental regime and that our industry sets the standard on safety and trust.

Canadians are realistic about the need to develop our natural resources and get our product to market.  

Canadians need to stand up and fight for our economy and our way of life.

We need to build more pipelines.

The fight for energy independence in Canada is the fight of our lives.