Canada needs to protect its borders

If you thought Canada's border crisis was already bad - it’s about to get a lot worse.

Last year, Canada received over 50,000 asylum applications – a record high.

This year, the number of illegal crossings is three times higher than the previous year.

It’s clear that the Trudeau Liberals don’t have a plan to combat this growing problem.

They're destroying our immigration program, once the envy of the Western world.

And increasingly, it feels like they’re doing it on purpose.


In addition to Trudeau’s open invitation to the world's migrants, illegal migrants receive plenty of benefits.

Did you know illegal migrants can receive tens of thousands of dollars, courtesy of taxpayers?

Did you know illegal migrants frequently get better healthcare than Canadian citizens? No wonder so many bogus refugee claimants want to come to Trudeau's Canada.

Justin Trudeau’s open border policies are going to have devastating effects on Canada.

The U.K. and Europe deal with a radicalized insurgency on a daily basis, because their borders were left open and illegal immigration wasn’t tackled.

We need to ensure Canadians are aware that the integrity of our immigration and refugee system is at risk because of the chaos Trudeau created when he invited the world’s migrants to come to Canada.

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