Canada should not fund organizations linked with terrorism!

The Canada Summer Jobs grant program was created to provide subsidies to employers who create employment for secondary and post-secondary students.

But now, under the Trudeau Liberals, this once routine government program has become controversial and something of a ‘value’s test’ for would-be recipients.

Trudeau now requires organizations to sign an ‘attestation’ committing to pro-abortion and pro-LGBT values in order to be eligible for funding.

Summer camps, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters are now being punished because they oppose abortion and refused to sign the Liberal’s “progressive” attestation.

Meanwhile, as True North's Candice Malcolm exclusively reported in the Sun papers, the Trudeau Liberals are using the Canada Summer Jobs program to fund organizations that fund terrorism and preach hate.

The following organizations were approved to  receive funding from the Trudeau government:

  • The Canadian Arab Federation
    • In 2009, the CAF was defunded by the feds over the group’s anti-Semitism and support for terrorist groups - a decisions backed by a federal judge  
  • The Anatolia Islamic Centre
    • Imam Mustafa Khattab, an Imam of the centre, once said “being gay is like having a disease that requires ‘a special treatment’”
  • The Muslim Association of Canada
    • MAC were found to have financial connections to the International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy-Canada (IRFAN-Canada) – a banned terrorist organization with financial ties to Hamas
    • As recently as November 2017, an Imam with the Muslim Association of Canada called for the destruction of Israel, and referred to Israelis an “an impure gang” and “worst of mankind”
  • The Salaheddin Islamic Centre
    • Once called “Toronto’s million-dollar radical mosque” in the National Post
    • Home to Imam Aly Hindy, who once denied that Muslims were responsible for 9/11, refused to condemn the 2005 London Tube bombings, and he defended the Toronto 18 terrorists as “good people.”
  • The Abu Huraira Center
    • Home to Bilal Philips, who was arrested in the Philippines in 2014 for “inciting and recruiting people to conduct terrorist activities” as well as “his extremist views and possible link to terrorist groups.”  
    • He is also banned from the U.S., U.K., Germany and Australia.
  • The Islamic Institute of Toronto
    • Imam Abdullah Hakim Quick, an Imam at the institute, once said, “so they said, ‘what is the position of Islam on homosexuality?’ They asked me this, a newspaper, right? So, I said, ‘put my name in the paper: The position is death.’”
  • Islamic Information and Dawah Centre International
    • Dr. Shabir Ally, President of the Centre, once said homosexuality is wrong and likened it to “child molestors”
  • Islamic Circle of North America
    • Accused of being a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood
    • Blatant extremist rhetoric on their webpage
      • “Diseases related to Homosexuality”
      • “Defending religious freedom and understanding Shariah”

It isn’t clear whether these groups signed Trudeau’s controversial “progressive” attestation.

However, according to, an authoritative source and digital Islamic Library Project, “in Islam, it is forbidden (haram) to abort the fetus.”

Why are these organizations given priority over others?

Trudeau's values test has proven to be a total disaster, punishing Christian groups while funding organizations with terror ties and extremist rhetoric.

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Canadian taxpayer dollars should NEVER be given to those who are associated with extremists. We, the undersigned, call on the Trudeau government to stop politicizing the Canada Summer Jobs fund.