Forget the activists, regular Canadians support Trans Mountain

(This column originally appeared in the Toronto Sun)

By: Candice Malcolm

The silent majority of Canadians were represented on Tuesday, in a large rally in support of Canada’s natural resource sector. Thousands gathered in Calgary to show their support for Western Canadian industry, and to urge the continuation of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline.

It was a strong showing, a moral victory for working Canadians, and a firm response to far-left activists and radical environmentalists who hold our system hostage to push their narrow ideological dogma.

Unlike the foreign-funded sit-ins on Burnaby Mountain near Vancouver, where protesters break the law and local authorities don’t always have the stomach to stop them, the Alberta rally was both peaceful and lawful. Private property was respected, there was no violence and no arrests were made.

It was an energetic rally with a simple yet powerful message: build the pipeline, and let Canadians get back to work.

Kinder Morgan announced on Sunday it would stop non-essential funding of the $7.4 billion project to upgrade the existing pipeline and triple its capacity. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says this project, if completed, will contribute a whopping $46.7 billion in tax revenues across Canada over the next two decades. 

The federal government gave the project the green light back in 2016, but the approval is being challenged in court by a group of activists supported by the provincial NDP government in British Columbia. B.C. Premier John Horgan is also musing about banning ships carrying Alberta’s oil from BC’s coast.

This is a major blow to Canadian unity, and undermines the core tenet of our confederation.  

Kinder Morgan says the project will be scrapped entirely unless the feds can resolve the legal and jurisdictional issues by May 31. This puts the pressure on Trudeau to come up with a plan.

But instead, Trudeau is nowhere to be found. 

He didn’t meet with Premier Horgan while in B.C. last week, and he didn’t show up to the rally in Calgary on Tuesday. He took a “personal day” on Wednesday – skipping work for reasons unknown – and now, he’s leaving on a 10-day round-the-world trip to attend more international summits and conferences. 

Trudeau’s record as Prime Minister has been focused on promoting his own image as a climate change champion on the global stage. 

His government spent millions of dollars to showcase their environmental efforts in Paris and Davos, agreeing to impossible commitments and coming up with new schemes, like the job-killing carbon tax, to tie our hands behind our back.  

Far from championing jobs and economic growth, Trudeau goes out of his way to wink and nod at those who work to demonize Canadian oil. His policies killed both the Northern Gateway and Energy East pipelines, and Trudeau himself has said he wants to “phase out” oil sands projects. 

Trudeau’s latest plan calls for natural resource projects to undergo a “sex and gender” evaluation before being approved. Imagine a review to decide whether oil is gender neutral. 

Contrast Trudeau’s weaseling with the vibrant crowd in Calgary. 

Unlike Trudeau, Canadians understand that we already have the world’s strongest environmental regime and that our industry sets the standard on safety and trust. Canadians are realistic about the need to develop our natural resources and get our product to market.  

Everyday Canadians are standing up and fighting for our economy and our way of life. Trudeau, meanwhile, is off enjoying another international junket...(READ MORE)