Candice Malcolm: Liberals, media celebrate illegal border crossings


The steady flow of illegal migrants continues across Canada’s southern border. And it's clear to see, the Trudeau government has no plan, no strategy, for dealing with this unprecedented surge.

Liberal politicians and mainstream media journalists in Canada are actually celebrating this lawlessness. 

Montreal city council, led by former Liberal immigration minister Denis Coderre, declared Montreal a “sanctuary city” — meaning a person’s immigration status will not be verified before they can receive taxpayer-funded services.

Meanwhile, Liberal politicians have been promoting images of RCMP officials greeting illegal migrants at the border — giving them hugs and carrying their luggage.

What kind of message does this send to every human smuggling ring or wannabe refugee considering coming to Canada illegally?

In the midst of all the protests over Trump's ban on visitors from terrorist states, our very own Prime Minister declared on social media that, “Canadians will welcome you.”

No wonder so many migrants are coming north.

Crossing into Canada illegally is a bad idea. It is unsafe for the migrants, and creates national security concerns for Canada. It's time Canadian elites to stop virtue-signalling, open your eyes, and start taking immigration security more seriously.