Candice Malcolm: Opportunistic human traffickers mock Canada’s welcoming immigration system


With all the sympathetic news coverage in the mainstream media talking about refugees and their heart-wrenching journey to Canada, you’ve probably heard about the surge in refugees illegally entering Canada from the United States.

There’s only one problem with all of this. These people are not refugees. Not yet, anyway.

They haven’t been screened, vetted or approved by Canadian border services officials. Their cases haven’t been reviewed by an immigration judge, and they haven’t demonstrated that they meet the legal standard and definition of a refugee, according to international law.

And the way these folks are crossing into Canada – via its shared border with the United States – actually disqualifies them from making asylum claims.

Watch as I explain what Canadian law says about the matter and why we shouldn’t be allowing this.

The fact is, opportunistic human smugglers are taking advantage of a legal loophole that needs to be closed.

We shouldn’t be deceived by reports such as the CBC’s that refer to a “network of drivers” in the U.S. who transport migrants to the border, drop them off and let them walk into Canada to make a refugee claim. A more accurate way of describing this illegal “network” is to call it a human smuggling ring.

The CBC even admit there’s a profit motive, a fair amount of money being made, and that there is exploitation.

These human traffickers know exactly what they’re doing, and they know how to get around existing laws and bilateral agreements. The human smugglers know that the Safe Third Country Agreement is only enforced at International airports and major land border crossings in Canada. Canada shouldn’t be accepting any of this.

We don’t want human smuggling rings, extorting victims of their life savings, to facilitate illegal migration into Canada. We don’t want migrants risking their lives trekking through snow during a bitter Canadian winter, literally losing limbs to frost bite because they weren’t properly prepared.

Canada is a welcoming and generous country, with a proud history of helping refugees and resettling some of the world’s most persecuted people but we shouldn’t be naïve.

We shouldn’t confuse real refugees in need of our help, with opportunistic migrants using human smugglers to make a mockery of our immigration system.

Canada should enforce its immigration laws as they stand, and send those entering illegally from the United States packing.

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