Trudeau's made a blunder of our international relationships

August 08, 2018

If Trudeau wants to be a global advocate for Western values, he needs to abandon his penchant for virtue-signalling and learn to take a stand in real life.

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Canadians frustrated over Trudeau's stance on border security

August 03, 2018

It’s remarkable that so many Canadians see through the Liberal spin and see this for what it really is.

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Still so much we don't know in Danforth shooting

July 28, 2018

Was Hussain’s killing spree a hate crime? Was it terror or terror-inspired? Or was it a psychotic episode? Right now, we just don’t know.

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Media spin on Danforth shooting is troubling

July 26, 2018

This, in a nutshell, is why public trust in the media is at an all time low.

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Enough with the politically correct policing of the border issue

July 18, 2018

This isn’t fear-mongering. It isn’t racism. It’s simply the reality on the ground.

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The real facts that matter on the gender pay gap

July 13, 2018

Instead of social engineering, gender quotas, and an insistence on equality of outcome, we should celebrate the freedom we have – and continue to let women make choices for themselves.

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Liberals use 'illegal' vs. 'irregular' argument as a distraction

July 11, 2018

The Liberals would rather talk about vocabulary and pick imaginary fights with Conservatives than discuss their record when it comes to the border crisis.

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Trudeau still doesn't get border problems

July 06, 2018

If Trudeau wanted to stop this madness, he could.

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Stephen Harper and Western dignitaries terror targets?

July 05, 2018

“While the Iranian regime poses a threat to us all, the most oppressed are its own citizens. Freedom, dignity and self-determination are universal values.”

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There are so many reasons to be proud of Canada

June 29, 2018

Dominion Day is a day to put aside our political differences and celebrate the things we love about our country.

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