Even more controversial Islamic job grants recipients emerge

Our taxpayer dollars should not be handed out without thorough vetting of who a recipient is and what they promote.

(This column originally appeared in the Toronto Sun)

By: Candice Malcolm

Five more controversial Islamic organizations with a history of anti-gay slurs and ties to terrorism have been approved to receive the Trudeau government’s Canada Summer Jobs Grant, the Sun has learned.

As reported exclusively in the Sun last week, the Canada Arab Federation and the Muslim Association of Canada – each with documented ties to terror groups – as well as the Anatolia Islamic Centre, whose Imam made hateful anti-gay comments to Edmonton school children in 2013, have received grants through this taxpayer-funded program.

But, as it turns out, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to controversial recipients.

For instance, the Salaheddin Islamic Centre, once called “Toronto’s million-dollar radical mosque” in the National Post, was also approved for the grant despite being home to Canada’s notorious Imam Aly Hindy.

Hindy denied that Muslims were responsible for 9/11, refused to condemn the 2005 London Tube bombings, and he defended the Toronto 18 terrorists as “good people.”

Hindy has also dismissed homosexuality was “invented,” “garbage,” and “nonsense.”

The Abu Huraira Center, likewise, was approved for a grant despite a past affiliation with another of Canada’s most notorious Muslim hate preachers, Bilal Philips. Though the organization states he has not preached there since 2013, Philips is frequently featured on the Abu Haraira Centre’s YouTube page, including videos uploaded as recently as January 2018.

Philips was arrested in the Philippines in 2014 for “inciting and recruiting people to conduct terrorist activities” as well as “his extremist views and possible link to terrorist groups.”  The Jamaican-born Canadian is also banned from the U.S., U.K., Germany and Australia.

Philips is also known for his anti-gay rhetoric; he has called homosexuality “evil and dangerous” and has said that under Islamic law, the punishment is death.

Other Canada Summer Jobs grant recipients have echoed these anti-gay statements, including the Islamic Institute of Toronto’s Imam Abdullah Hakim Quick.

In a video posted to YouTube on May 6, 2016 but apparently filmed more than a decade earlier, Quick is seen saying: “So they said, ‘what is the position of Islam on homosexuality?’ They asked me this, a newspaper, right? So, I said, ‘put my name in the paper: The position is death.’”

After 49 people were murdered at a gay night club in Orlando, Florida by an American-born Muslim who pledged allegiance to ISIS, Quick told the CBC his views have evolved. He apologized for his harsh statements in the past, but nonetheless, Muslim activists in the U.K. have accused him of inspiring terrorism and extremism. 

Dr. Shabir Ally, President of the Islamic Information and Dawah Centre International – another grant recipient – can similarly be seen in a YouTube video saying homosexuality is wrong and likening it to “child molesters.”

“Some say, ‘no we cannot help it.’ How do you mean you cannot help it?” said Ally, saying it’s like how a child molester believes you “cannot help yourself, you must molest children.”

Finally, the Islamic Circle of North America has been approved for the grant. While the organization has been accused of being a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood, Canadians should also be concerned about the organization’s extremist rhetoric, including a page on its website called “Diseases Related to Homosexuality” and a pagededicated to defending Sharia Law in North America.

None of these organization immediately responded to interview requests, and it isn’t clear whether they were required to sign Trudeau’s controversial values ‘attestation.’

Either way, our taxpayer dollars should not be handed out without thorough vetting of who a recipient is and what they promote.