Immigration program getting worse under Trudeau

Illegal immigration numbers are going in the wrong direction.

(This column originally appeared in the Toronto Sun)

By: Candice Malcolm

The Quebec government says it’s had enough of illegal immigration.

Who can blame it? Last year, Canada received over 50,000 asylum applications – a record high.

This year, it’s gotten even worse. The number of illegal crossings so far in 2018 is three times higher than the previous year.

The RCMP confirmed on Friday that 6,373 people have crossed illegally into Canada this year, most along one street — Roxham Road — in rural Quebec. Contrary to Liberal talking points, the RCMP also confirmed that crossing the border between official points of entry is illegal.

Not “irregular.” Illegal.

It’s clear that the Trudeau Liberals don’t have a plan to combat this growing problem. Worse, they appear to be doing everything they can to undermine Canada’s immigration advantages.

If turning a blind eye to illegal border crossings isn’t bad enough, the Trudeau government announced reckless changes to Canada’s national standards for immigration.

Starting June 1, 2018, Canada will no longer reject immigrants based on existing health conditions. We will begin accepting sick immigrants who will immediately be a drain on our social welfare system.

Canada’s long-standing policy has been to reject immigrants with serious health issues and disabilities. Since the creation of our publicly-funded universal health care program, the government has restricted immigrants with severe health problems.

Prudent politicians on the left and the right agreed it was only fair to taxpayers to say ‘no’ to those who would pose an excessive burden on our health and social services.

We don’t want to displace Canadians who have paid into the system their entire lives, and we don’t want to create incentives for severely ill people from around the world to come to Canada just to take advantage of our “free” health care.

This Liberal government, however, has walked away from this consensus. And if that isn’t bad enough, they’ve admitted they don’t know how much these changes will cost taxpayers.

A parliamentary committee studying the issue found that an analysis of the costs “simply didn’t exist or had significant gaps.”

The report states that the Liberal government didn’t study the “cost increases that may result from repealing” this rule, “the actual costs related to administering the system,” “the costs associated under a repeal scenario,” “the economic impact,” or if repealing this rule “would result in an increase of applications with high medical and social service needs.”

In other words, the Trudeau government has no clue how much this will cost Canadians, and they don’t care. They didn’t even bother doing the calculations.

Canada’s hospitals and emergency rooms are crowded enough already. The provincial governments are burdened by the costs of retiring and aging baby boomers, and now, the provinces will be handed the burden of accepting the world’s sickest people.

In the latest immigration report, Minister Ahmed Hussen told Canadians he was increasing our annual immigration intake to 310,000 people per year. He told us these increases were needed to boost the economy and bring in more workers to fund our social programs.

But Canada increasingly selects and allows immigrants who are a net drain on our social services.

How does welcoming immigrants with severe disabilities and health issues – not through our refugee program, which is charitable in nature, but through our economic immigration stream – help address Canada’s demographic issues?

The Trudeau government is destroying our immigration program, once the envy of the Western world. And increasingly, it feels like they’re doing it on purpose.