Jaspal Atwal charged in B.C.

One count of uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm.

(This column originally appeared in the Toronto Sun)

By: Candice Malcolm

Jaspal Atwal, the man at the centre of the India trip fiasco, was recently arrested and charged with one count of uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm, the Sun has learned. 

A source told the Sun he spent more than one day in jail prior to an initial court appearance for an offence that allegedly occurred on April 23.

A media relations officer with the RCMP in Surrey, British Columbia said Atwal is expected to appear in court on May 24.

Atwal was convicted of attempted murder in 1986 when he tried to assassinate a visiting Indian politician to Canada. 

He was the source of a major controversy for the government in February when he was invited to a dinner with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the home of High Commissioner of India.

Photos of Atwal surfaced with Liberal politicians and Sophie Trudeau, raising questions about security protocol and the screening and vetting of delegation invitees.