Enforce our Immigration Laws!

According to the Trudeau Liberals, if you don’t support open borders, you’re not Canadian.

Trudeau’s Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen, lost his composure and lashed out at his Ontario counterpart, Lisa Macleod.

Hussen said Macleod was “divisive”, “intolerant”, “fear mongering”, and “not Canadian”.

Trudeau’s Principal Secretary, Gerald Butts, even said Macleod was part of the “alt-right”.


Because Macleod dared to criticize the Trudeau’s government handling of the crisis at our borders.

Her request was fair and realistic.

Provinces and municipalities are traditionally responsible for funding social services, including the generous buffet of handouts given to self-proclaimed, self-selected asylum claimants.

But given the massive influx of illegal border crossers, the costs have ballooned and our local governments are struggling to deal with these new costs.

And so, Macleod firmly stated that Ontario taxpayers will not be on the hook for Trudeau’s open invitation to the world’s migrants.

Trudeau is responsible for the crisis at our borders, and therefore the federal Liberal government should pay for the accommodation of illegal border crossers.

Makes sense to us.

It’s clear the Trudeau Liberals don’t have a plan for the crisis at our border.

Instead of coming up with a plan, they’re desperately trying to shame their critics and deflect blame towards Conservatives. They’re hoping their smear tactics will work and that their name-calling will silence anyone who dares to criticize Trudeau for the border mess he created.

Thankfully, many Canadians can see through this cynical political gamesmanship and desperate partisan tactics.

Let’s continue to send the Trudeau government a clear message:

SIGN if you want the Canadian government to enforce our immigration laws and protect our borders!