Erin O’Toole Needs to Scrap His Carbon Tax

Despite what the Conservatives claim, Erin O’Toole’s climate plan is a carbon tax. 

O’Toole’s plan will force consumers to pay more “each time they buy hydrocarbon-based fuel.”

According to his plan, the government will create an unnecessary bureaucracy to put the money they collected from you into a pseudo rewards program called a “Personal Low Carbon Savings Account.” 

The government will only allow you to withdraw from this account to make government-approved green expenditures such as buying a transit pass or electric vehicle or making green home renovations.

Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax is a devastating tax grab that does nothing for the environment. 

Erin O’Toole’s carbon tax is no different - and in some ways it’s worse, since cash refunds are being replaced by a complicated green-rebate program.

While the Conservatives attempt to please the mainstream media and win over voters in downtown Toronto, they’re alienating the rest of the country with this radical proposal.

It’s no wonder O’Toole is struggling in the polls.

The mainstream media will never give the Conservative party any credit for flip-flopping on the carbon tax issue - in fact, they’ve already said the new plan doesn’t go far enough.

Erin O’Toole needs to scrap his carbon tax plan. Sign our petition if you agree!

If we reach our signature goal of 33,800 Canadians for our petition - that’s 100 people in each of Canada’s 338 electoral districts - we’ll send a copy of it to O’Toole’s office to show just how widespread opposition is to his carbon tax plan.

Will you sign?