Every business is essential!

There is a crisis in Canada. And it’s not just COVID.

Canadians are witnessing the end of small business and entrepreneurship.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business estimates that 160,000 to 225,000 small businesses could permanently close due to declining revenues caused by the coronavirus and the ensuing lockdowns.

That means more people out of work and more families without incomes.

You would think the government would be doing everything in its power to help small businesses stay open, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. 

Since the pandemic began, Canadians have learned a lot about the coronavirus. We know long-term care homes and social gatherings inside private spaces are the major sources of outbreaks, who is the most vulnerable, how it spreads and what precautions can be taken.

Small businesses like restaurants and gyms proved that they can operate while keeping their employees and customers safe, and have invested heavily to make their venues safer.

So why is the government punishing entrepreneurs when there’s no evidence that suggests small businesses are contributing to the spread of the coronavirus? 

People on the government payroll with secure paychecks simply don’t understand how desperate small businesses are to keep their doors open or how close many of them are to the edge of bankruptcy.

And what happens when desperate businesses like Adamson Barbeque, Express Fitness and Paramount Golf decide to open their businesses anyway?

The government sends the police after them – some are issued fines, and some are even arrested.

These business owners aren’t criminals. They’re just desperate to keep going during this incredibly difficult time.

Enough is enough.

It’s time to let small businesses open! 

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