February 28, 2017: Looking Back


The flow of illegal immigrants across the Canada-US border into Emerson, Manitoba continues and the Liberal government has NO plan to address the problem.

Instead, Liberal politicians have been promoting images of smiling RCMP officials greeting illegal migrants at the border — giving them hugs and carrying their luggage.

Furthermore, Liberals in city councils are declaring their cities as “sanctuary cities”. This means a person’s immigration status will not be verified and have full access to taxpayer-funded services. The latest city to do so is Montreal, led by former Liberal immigration minister Denis Coderre. Toronto, Vancouver, Hamilton and London have all passed similar motions, and city councils in Ottawa, Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Regina are considering doing the same.

As True North’s Senior Fellow, Candice Malcolm, points out – sanctuary cities “signals to all would-be migrants that our immigration laws are not important, that they are optional”.

This is simply not acceptable. Canadian politicians should make it clear – our Canadian immigration laws matter.