Have you seen our Prime Minister?

By: Candice Malcolm

It’s been a busy news week! Illegal immigration, interprovincial trade wars and a handful of Liberal scandals were all competing for your attention this week.

Yet, amid all this, our prime minister decided to take off on yet another international junket — why lead the country through a constitutional crisis when you can jet-set to Europe and star in a series of photo ops and speeches about feminism to a loving international fan base?

On the west coast, British Columbia and Alberta escalated their war of words, as B.C.’s NDP Premier digs in on his threats against the Trans Mountain pipeline.

On the east coast, a Supreme Court ruling came out, much to the disappointment of freedom-loving Canadians. Our top court ruled against a man who was fined for buying beer in Quebec and drinking it in New Brunswick, further entrenching our archaic and protectionist interprovincial trade rules. 

Makes you wonder: why do we focus so much on international free trade deals when we don’t have basic trade norms within our borders? Wasn’t the whole point of confederation to create an ‘economic union’? 

Meanwhile, Quebec says it’s had enough of illegal immigration, and the feds responded by lifting a 40-year ban on immigrants with serious illnesses and severe disabilities.

We used to believe in protecting our borders and protecting our universal healthcare, but under the Trudeau government, that’s no longer the case.

Anyone from around the world can move to Canada and use our healthcare system, just like anyone can walk across the border and pretend to be a refugee.

This chaos will not end well for Canada. 

Finally, the scandals. National Security Advisor Daniel Jean testified on Monday about his infamous media briefing about a Khalistani terrorist in Trudeau’s India delegation.

Jean testified that he did not collaborate with PMO, but I found evidence that suggests that opposite.

Next, Liberal MP Iqra Khalid shared a stage with two despicable figures, one of whom supports Palestinian terrorism and praises Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad.

Khalid claims she didn’t know about his despicable views, but once again, I found evidence showing the opposite.

And in Ontario, the Liberals are getting so desperate to smear Doug Ford, they’ve taken to outright lying and attributing Donald Trump quotes to Ford.

With a record like that of the Ontario Liberal government, you can understand why they’d rather talk about fiction and fantasy.