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I’ll be blunt: I need your help.

For two years, we at the True North have been exposing the dangers of Justin Trudeau’s immigration and refugee policies.

Now, the left-wing elite are trying to silence us.

Well-known Liberal commenter (and the father of Justin Trudeau’s Director of Communications) Bruce Anderson called for my boss at the Toronto Sun to fire me. Other left-wing elites have joined him in that call.

This is their favourite tactic. If they disagree with you, rather than trying to defend themselves and their failed policies, they attack you instead.

They can't deny the facts we are uncovering, so they try to attack us.

We're not going to stand for this. We're going to fight back. But we need your help. Will you help us?

A sustaining donation right now will help grow the True North Initiative, Canada’s only conservative immigration think tank, and help me continue exposing flaws in our national security and immigration policies.

Please help us out with a donation on this page!

Thank you so much.