If only Alek Minassian had picked up Jordan Peterson’s book

By: Candice Malcolm 

It was another devastating week in Canada, this time, with a horrific and intentional attack against innocent civilians on the streets of uptown Toronto.

On Monday afternoon at about 1:30pm local time, a sunny day that brought people out of their offices to enjoy the first spring-like day of the year, a madman drove a rented white van onto the sidewalk on busy Yonge street near the Finch Street subway.

His deadly rampage lasted for nearly two kilometres, striking anyone he could before he was finally forced to stop and was arrested - miraculously, without a shot fired by Toronto police.

In the hours that followed, we learned that ten people had been killed and more than a dozen are injured — many of whom are still fighting for their lives.

This type of attack has become all too common.

Islamic State terrorists popularized this tactic, a “van attack,” as a way to strike fear, cause chaos and divisions, and kill indiscriminately.

This time, it doesn’t appear that the culprit was motived by Islamist terrorism, but instead, another poisonous ideology rooted in a hatred for women. Check my exclusive report, featuring an interview with a high school classmate of the accused mass murderer. 

It’s hard to comprehend what would compel a 25-year-old man to go to this extreme, and carry out such a heinous crime against innocent civilians going about their day in a safe and free country.

As I sit in the Toronto airport writing this, I’m heading to Montreal to an event with Dr. Jordan B. Peterson.

One of the chapters in his book, 12 Rules for Life, tells the reader to “set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world.”

Peterson talks about mass killers and shooters, and how they lash out at the world around them — they blame their fellow man, or God, or anyone but themselves — for their own shortcomings.

If only Alek Minassian, the man now in police custody charged with ten counts of murder, had picked up Peterson’s book instead.

The world needs more of the wisdom of Dr. Peterson, especially in times like these.

God bless the great city of Toronto, our hearts are with the victims and their families during this difficult time.