Increase funding to police!

Over the past several weeks, Canadians have been subjected to a campaign to defund police departments across our country. Some leftist activists have even demanded to abolish the police.

Many city councils in Canada have caved into the demands of the radical left.

In Toronto, two city councillors tabled a motion to reduce the police budget by 10%.

In Hamilton, two city councillors presented a motion to defund the police. 

In Edmonton, the city council voted in favour of cutting $11 million from the police budget.

While the idea of defunding the police is trendy, the reality is that police services are needed now more than ever.

In urban cities like Toronto, cities are already suffering from a lack of effective policing. In 2018, Toronto’s homicide rate was higher than that of New York City. 2019 was the city’s most violent year on record.

Likewise, the crime rate in Canada’s rural prairies is now 42% higher than in urban areas. Police departments protecting rural Canada service large areas and could use additional resources to hire more cops and have more support.

The mainstream media and politicians don’t have the backbone to admit how terrible this radical idea is because they’re too afraid to upset the woke mob.

But Canadians know the truth -- the brave men and women who serve and protect deserve MORE funding, not less. 

Rather than importing American rhetoric and statistics against policing, we need to support our local cops and make sure they have the resources needed to do their jobs and keep our communities safe.

Now is the time to support Canadian police, and counter to reactionary cries, we should increase their funding.

If more than 50,000 Canadians sign this petition, we’ll send it city councils across Canada.



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