Is anyone else sick of identity politics?

By: Candice Malcolm

It seems like everywhere we look these days, every issue being covered in the news and every new initiative from left-of-centre governments, has been tainted with the divisive and anti-Western stench of identity politics.

Last week, a Liberal MP stated that it was “offensive and outrageous” for Canadians to call Trudeau’s Indian clothing a “costume.”

This is just the latest politically correct attack on our language, and I refuse to accept it. So, I sent out a message on Twitter stating that ‘costume’ is not an offensive term, and for good measure reminded folks that Canada is not a racist country and Canadians are not racist.

You wouldn’t believe the response I got.

The far-left anti-Canada brigade came at me, accusing me of everything from “white privilege” to “white supremacy,” and even “genocide” and “slavery.”

Who are these Canada-hating activists? They’re the new Left. And they’ve quietly built a hate-filled movement based on a new iteration of Marxist philosophy.

Unlike traditional Marxism, which pits workers against business owners, today’s Marxists apply their misguided oppression theory to our culture. Much like traditional Marxism, cultural Marxists favour collective group rights over individual rights. They put us into categories, based on our identity (skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, etc.) then create a hierarchy of victimhood. This hierarchy is used to silence dissenting voices and as an assault against free speech.

This is what I’ve experienced over the past few weeks. I’ve been told that because of the qualities I was born with (skin colour, etc.), I have no right to speak about issues like race, Canadian history or extremism in immigrant communities.

These radical leftists think they can silence me, and you and everyone who disagree with them, based on this false dichotomy.

I refuse to accept this. I refuse to be silenced.

I’m going to continue fighting against these cultural Marxists who hate Canada and are dead set on destroying our way of life.

The True North Initiative will continue to fight for Canada, and stand up for our values and traditions.