It isn’t racist to oppose open borders

The typical knee-jerk reaction from both the Liberal Party and the mainstream media is to slam those who oppose open-borders and un-checked immigration as “intolerant,” “xenophobic,” or “racist”.

Trudeau’s Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen, said it was “not Canadian” to criticize the Trudeau government’s handling of the illegal border crisis.

Gerald Butts, Trudeau’s Principal Secretary, said those who criticize the Trudeau government’s immigration policies are part of the “alt-right”.

Prime Minister Trudeau accused Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer of playing “politics of fear” and “Islamophobia” when he was questioned about returning ISIS fighters.

Trudeau also called a protestor “racist” after she questioned the cost of the illegal border crossers.

The Liberal government’s open border policies undermine the integrity of our immigration system.

Trudeau is failing on three fronts:

  1. upholding the rule of law and maintaining the integrity of the system,
  2. selecting immigrants who will be successful in Canada, and
  3. focusing on integration and welcoming newcomers into the Canadian family

Wanting responsible, rules-based immigration is not xenophobic.

Canadians have the right to want to protect our borders.