January 3rd, 2017: Looking Back


On New Year’s Eve, an Islamist terrorist gunned down 39 innocent people in a nightclub in Istanbul, Turkey. A Canadian has been confirmed to be among those who were killed in the shooting. 12 Canadians have been victims of terrorist attacks in 2016 – the most killed in such attacks in 15 years. It’s clear that there’s a global Islamic terrorism problem and Canadians are directly affected. But Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government insists on maintaining a “non-combative” role in the fight against ISIS.  


Last week, a shameful and one-sided anti-Israel resolution was passed by the UN Security Council to condemn Israeli settlement construction, and the US abstained the vote; allowing it to pass. Outgoing Secretary of State John Kerry accused Israel of “thwarting peace in the Middle East”. Israel is the only like-minded ally and capitalist liberal democracy in the Middle East. In March, Justin Trudeau said the Liberal government was a friend and an ally to Israel, but the Prime Minister has been silent on this matter, refusing to stand up for Israel. What is Justin Trudeau waiting for? Time and time again, it’s clear that this government is more concerned about photo ops and selfies than doing what’s right.

Is it really a surprise that many Canadians are starting to sour on Trudeau