Jihadi Jack SHOULD NOT Step Foot in Canada

The Western world is struggling with the menace of jihadist terrorism and the dilemma of what to do with enemy citizens who travel abroad to join terrorist groups like ISIS.

At least 60 known terrorists are now roaming around Canada.

But Canadian terrorists aren’t the only ones trying to get to Canada.

“Jihadi Jack” is a British-born and British-raised Muslim convert who joined ISIS in 2014.

Three years later, he tried to return home to the U.K., to no avail. When that failed, he set his sights on Canada.

Jihadi Jack has a Canadian father and is now seeking to manipulate his connection to Canada in order to face softer treatment by the Trudeau government.

But it’s not just the Trudeau Liberals who are being naive.

Even today’s Conservatives are suggesting that we repatriate these terrorist thugs and try our luck to convict them through Canada’s bleeding-heart justice system.

The reality is that once these ISIS fighters are back on Canadian soil, they will be welcomed by a fan club of human rights lawyers who are all too happy to argue that the terrorists did nothing wrong.

This is disgusting.

These thugs do not deserve any sympathy. They left Canada because they wanted to destroy western civilization. They wanted to destroy us.

Canadians should stand up for common sense and demand that ISIS terrorists never again step foot in Canada.


Will you sign?