Joshua Boyle

Joshua Boyle is the Canadian who voluntarily went “backpacking” in Afghanistan with his wife, and was held captive by terrorists, along with the rest of his family. After being released in December, he was welcomed into the Prime Minister’s Office for a closed-door meeting.

Now, just weeks later, Joshua Boyle has been arrested and jailed on 15 serious criminal changes, including a number of assaults, sexual assaults, forcible confinement, uttering death threats, misleading police, and the administering a noxious substance.

Boyle has also previously been married to Zaynab Khadr, the outspoken older sister of convicted terrorist Omar Khadr who was handed a $10.5 million cheque from Justin Trudeau last year.

Shortly after their meeting last year, the Boyle family’s Twitter account posted this oddly-worded tweet:


Of course, the mainstream media is leaving out most of these inconvenient details in their reporting of this story. In fact, most are not even mentioning Trudeau’s name!

Why had Boyle met with Trudeau in the past? What did they discuss? What are these “common interests, haha”?

Why is Justin Trudeau is so intent on bending over backwards to appease those with connections to terrorists? Why are they being given preferential treatment, and access to the highest political office in Canada?

Canadians deserve the truth. Trudeau should answer these questions.

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