July 11, 2017: Looking Back


Last week, on the Fourth of July, America’s Independence Day, news broke that the government of Canada would reportedly award $10.5 million to a convicted al-Qaida terrorist, Omar Khadr, who murdered an American soldier in Afghanistan.

Later in the week, we learned that Justin Trudeau secretly fast-tracked the $10.5M “reward” to Omar Khadr, nulling the legal efforts by the Speer family to prevent the terrorist from receiving compensation.

In addition, the Trudeau government offered an apology to Omar Khadr on behalf of all Canadians.

Here are the facts:

  • Khadr confessed and pleaded guilty to war crimes, including terrorism, murder, spying and conspiring against Canada and our allies
  • He admitted to throwing a grenade that killed Sergeant First Class Christopher Speer
  • His father, Ahmed Khadr, was a friend of Osama bin Laden and a leading fundraiser for al-Qaida
  • Omar’s older brother, Abdurahman Khadr, once told PBS he had grown up “in an al-Qaida family”
  • Khadr followed in his family’s footsteps; he built bombs and he did what he could to kill Americans

Canada does not owe Omar Khadr an apology, and he does not deserve a cent from Canadian taxpayers. Omar Khadr should be in prison.

Make no mistake, the decision to give convicted terrorist Omar Khadr $10.5 million and an official apology was a political decision made by the Trudeau government.