July 21, 2017: Looking Back


Canadians are right to be angered by Justin Trudeau’s decision to reward Omar Khadr, a convicted and self-confessed terrorist, $10.5 million. 

And now there’s data to show how angry Canadians are.

Make no mistake – the decision to reward Khadr with $10.5 million was not a court ruling; this was a political decision made by Justin Trudeau.

As True North’s Candice Malcolm explains, nothing in the Supreme Court ruling said Khadr was entitled to cash, let alone $10.5 million. The ruling specifically left it “to the government to decide how best to respond”.

Despite what the left and bias media may tell you, Omar Khadr was not a tortured child soldier.

Canadians aren’t buying Trudeau’s excuses. There is still much more to this story, and we deserve know the truth about why Khadr was given so much of our money.