June 6th, 2017: Looking Back


Last week, a woman who was trying to reach Canada on foot from the United States died possibly due to hypothermia. Her body was found near Emerson, Manitoba — a popular destination for migrants looking to bypass Canadian immigration rules and take advantage of our generous landed asylum program.

For months now, opposition Members of Parliament and critics have been calling the Trudeau government to stop the illegal flow of migrants along Canada’s southern border.

Rather than taking the necessary steps to secure the border or even addressing the problem, Justin Trudeau has only encouraged more migrants to make the unsafe and illegal journey into Canada.

Instead of going through the established channels for refugees — registering through the United Nations, being placed in temporary accommodations and waiting to be resettled into a host country — these migrants take it upon themselves to find a new home.

True North’s Candice Malcolm said it best – “Our leaders should be doing everything in their power to stop migrants from putting their lives at risk. They should make it clear that migrants who arrive illegally, those who use human traffickers to circumvent immigration laws, will be turned away”.