Just the facts: Iran protests

Iranian Mullahs are violently cracking down on protesters defying the fundamentalist Islamic regime. These violent clashes have so far received little coverage in the Canadian mainstream media. Canadians deserve to know the truth.

While the Left and mainstream media always jump to demonize Israel for defending its borders against Hamas-led attacks, there has been silence when it comes to the Iranian Islamic regime’s violent crackdown on its own people.

The Iranian people’s demands are simple: they want democracy, freedom, and human rights.

Here are the facts:

Five years ago, Canada was standing up to the tyrannical regime in Tehran under the leadership of Stephen Harper. This is no longer the case.

The Trudeau government has quietly been working to re-establish ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran. They’ve had several closed-door meetings with Iran’s mullahs, and despite Iran’s belligerent behaviour, Trudeau wants to open an Iranian embassy in Ottawa.

Why won’t the Trudeau government stand with the Iranian people?