Just the Facts: Sanctuary Policies

If elected, the Ontario NDP has promised to make the province of Ontario the first sanctuary province in Canada.

Neither the Liberals nor even Progressive Conservatives have opposed this idea.

While the left is celebrating this reckless idea, Ontario residents need to know how dangerous sanctuary policies actually are.

  • Sanctuary policies do not verify a person’s immigration status before that person is eligible to receive taxpayer-funded services:
    • Healthcare
    • Welfare
    • Subsidized housing
    • ESL training
    • Dental services
    • Special school services
    • Costly surgeries
    • Employment and psychological counselling and even specialty needs like eyeglasses
    • Transit subsidies
  • Regardless of status, sanctuary policies provide all individuals with the same privileges as legal tax-paying residents and Canadian citizens
  • Under Canada’s current law, all asylum seekers are free health care and benefits
    • A 1985 Supreme Court of Canada ruling ensures they receive the same legal protections as Canadians under the Charter
    • Even rejected asylum seekers with pending deportation orders receive government services
    • Canada already has the most generous programs for asylum seekers and refugees
  • The only asylum seekers not CURRENTLY covered are those deemed ‘inadmissible’ to Canada by our security and intelligence agency
    • There are several reasons Canada would determine a person is inadmissible:
      • If they pose a threat to national security
      • If they have committed a human rights violation
      • If they have been convicted of a serious crime
      • If they have ties to organized crime
      • If they have ties to a terrorist organization
      • If they lied to a Canadian official
    • These are the types of people who would be protected by sanctuary city policies
  • Toronto, a sanctuary city, saw a 512% increase in the use of homeless shelters by illegal immigrants
    • Illegal migrants occupy 41% of the 6,500 available spaces in Toronto’s emergency shelter system
      • Expected to rise to 54% by November, at a cost of $64.5 million
  • NDP’s Leader, Andrew Horwrath, has no idea how much it will cost to make Ontario a sanctuary province
  • A study by the New York State Senate showed that illegal immigrants cost the state a total of $5.6 billion per year
  • Criminal Intelligence Service Canada recently issued a warning that members of the extremely violent criminal gang MS-13 are attempting to sneak across the U.S.-Canada border.
  • Multiple refugee claimants have been caught in possession of child pornography at the U.S.-Canada border.
  • The NDP want to model their policy after California state law that protect illegal immigrants from federal immigration authorities
    • That includes preventing local police from reporting or transferring dangerous criminal immigrants to federal immigration for deportation
    • This policy explicitly protects criminals
  • Criminals and fraudsters take advantage of sanctuary policies
    • The case of Kate Steinle
      • She was shot  by an illegal immigrant, who was deported seven times
      • The Mexican killer was so high, he doesn’t remember killing her
      • He was arrested days earlier by local policy, but let go because of sanctuary policies
    • The slayings of Tony Bologna and his sons Michael and Matthew
      • Edwin Ramos, an illegal immigrant and member of MS-13, mistook the Bolognas for rival gang members


Sanctuary policies undermine our system and erode public trust in immigration. The idea that some laws can be ignored is incredible and indefensible.

These policies are a slap in the face to law-abiding Canadians – particularly new Canadians who diligently followed our laws and came to Canada legally.