HYPOCRITES: Liberals vote against LGBT refugees

Conservative Immigration critic Michelle Rempel introduced a motion last week calling on the Trudeau government to “increase the ratio of highly persecuted LGBT refugees,” from countries such as Iran where LGBT people face extreme persecution.  

The Liberal government voted AGAINST it, even though just a year ago a parliamentary committee unanimously recommended this policy.

Progressive, eh?

The Trudeau Liberals have made support for Canada’s LGBT community a centrepiece of their government’s image.

The Liberal Party of Canada’s website boasts of the party’s “proud record of fighting for LGBTQ2 rights”.

Justin Trudeau was moved to tears (again) last November as he offered a formal apology to Canada’s LGBT civil servants in the House of Commons.

Yet, when they have a chance to do something for the most vulnerable LGBT people in the world, the Liberals are nowhere to be found.

Even mainstream media pundits have noted the hypocrisy displayed by the Trudeau Liberals.

The Liberals would rather leave persecuted gay refugees in countries where they face extreme danger than vote for a Conservative motion.