Lock him up!

Returning ISIS terrorists belong behind bars.

Most Canadians would agree with this.

But Justin Trudeau doesn’t.

In fact, the Trudeau government is proposing a new law that  adds roadblocks and additional red tape to terror investigations.

At a time when dozens of known ISIS fighters have returned to Canada, Trudeau is weakening our anti-terror laws.

These terrorists are openly bragging about their time fighting for ISIS, a maniacal death cult.

One such jihadist is Abu Huzaifa al-Kanadi, an alias he gave himself while serving ISIS.

Huzaifa was raised in the Toronto area, and returned to Pakistan to study as a teenager. From there, he lied to his family and travelled to Syria to become an ISIS fighter.

In the New York Times podcast, Caliphate, Huzaifa openly discusses his grisly acts of violence as a sharia law enforcer for ISIS:

  • He killed one man for not submitting to ISIS
  • He stabbed another man in the heart before crucifying him in a town square
  • He tortured a man because the man’s wife was not wearing the proper ISIS-mandated niqab

Huzaifa is now back at his parent’s house in the Toronto area, attending a Canadian university.

When Canadian authorities started investigating him, he lied to them and lied to the CBC. He even admitted to lying to authorities.

“What’s the most they can do?” he said during the podcast.

This self confessed ISIS murderer is living freely in Canada. And the Trudeau government seems to be fine with this.

The True North Initiative believes if you travelled abroad to fight for ISIS and you return to Canada, you belong behind bars.

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