Make China pay!

The coronavirus has had devastating effects on Canada.

Thousands of Canadians have tragically died from the virus.

Tens of thousands more have been sick or are still suffering. 

Millions are unemployed.

Thousands of businesses have shut down.

And every single Canadian has been forced into a lockdown with next to no regard for our basic Charter rights. 

The coronavirus has cost our economy BILLIONS of dollars – $300 billion to be exact. 

All the while, the Communist Chinese regime has done everything it can to deflect blame and hide the origins of the deadly disease. 

The Chinese regime buried news of the virus. They silenced researchers, arrested journalists, “disappeared” whistleblowers and censored the internet.

They played down the deadly nature of the virus and told other countries to NOT close their borders.

They falsified their data to the World Health Organization (WHO) and made backroom deals with WHO officials to keep their deadly secrets. 

And to top it all of – they still won’t tell us the origins of the virus. 

The Trudeau government refuses to stand up to the Chinese regime. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refuses to address the issue in his daily briefings and his Health Minister has repeatedly praised China for its supposed openness and early efforts. 

Canadians should not suffer because of the evil nature of the Communist Party of China.

The Chinese regime should pay for all the damage they’ve caused. 

We’re calling on the Chinese government to pay $300 billion in reparations to the Canadian taxpayer. 

That’s how much this virus has cost our country in just two months. 

We’re aiming to get 100,000 signatures.

When we reach this mark, we will send this petition to the Chinese embassy in Ottawa. 

The Trudeau government may be too afraid to stand up to the Chinese government, but Canadians’ voices should be heard. 

Tell the Communist Party of China that they WILL be held accountable for what they’ve done to Canadians and to the world. 

Sign our declaration and share it with like-minded Canadians to help get this message out. Thank you!

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Will you sign?