March 29th, 2017: Looking Back


Last week, the federal budget was released. The Liberals projected a $28.5 billion deficit, which adds to Canada’s ballooning $665.5 billion federal debt. Despite their claim that they represent the “middle class”, the Liberals raised taxes on alcohol and Uber fares, and ended the public transit tax credit

Higher taxes, year-after-year of growing deficits, and no plan to balance the budget. What exactly could this government be proud of? Trudeau and company proudly told us they produced the “first ever gender statement” alongside this year’s budget, which they told the Globe and Mail was Canada’s first “gender-based federal budget”.

True North’s Candice Malcolm tried to determine exactly what a “gender-based” budget actually meant. Apparently to Trudeau, feminism includes increasing federal spending, burying the country in debt, saddling young Canadians with an unsustainable financial burden and maintaining high taxes on families and businesses.