May 16th, 2017: Looking Back


Last week, an unelected judge, Justice Jocelyne Gagné, said the law allowing the government to strip Canadians of their citizenship without a hearing is a violation of their rights and has given Ottawa two months to fix it. This stunning court ruling will drastically restrict the government’s ability to revoke the citizenship of people like fraudsters, liars, and terrorists.

Individuals that take advantage of Canada’s generous immigration system will be afforded more tax-payer funded resources to plead their case and appeal decisions they don’t like.

Canada has long revoked citizenship from those who become Canadians on false pretenses – a policy that even Prime Minister Trudeau defended in 2015. In a single day, an unelected activist judge has undone years of legislation that protected the integrity of Canadian citizenship.

This is simply unacceptable.

As True North’s Candice Malcolm said in her recent column, “Canada’s judges have become super-legislators. They’ve given themselves the power to strike down laws they disagree with, and mask their dogmatic ideology with legalese.”