May 25th, 2017: Looking Back


Last week, the Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, was re-elected in a so-called “democratic election”. Rouhani was a key architect of the 2015 nuclear deal with then-President Obama and the United States, EU, and others. 

At the time, Obama hoped the nuclear deal would lead a more stable and moderate Iran. He was willing to turn a blind eye to Iran’s status as the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism and the dangerous relationship between Iran and Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

The nuclear deal did not lead to any changes in Iran. Iran continued to fund terrorism and prop up Bashar al-Assad, continued to test its ballistic missile program, and Iran’s human rights record continued to deteriorate.

As True North’s Candice Malcolm points out, “our own Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is picking up where Obama left off.”

Despite the previous Conservative government’s attempt to act firmly against the Islamist regime by imposing sanctions, expelling officials, and cutting off all diplomatic ties, Trudeau is cozying up to the Iranian regime.

Just last week, Canadian government officials were in Tehran last week, visiting the despotic tyrants that rule Iran. Justin Trudeau believes Canada can change Iran’s erratic behavior despite their record of human rights violations and barbaric practices.