May 5th, 2017: Looking Back


Last week, True North’s Candice Malcolm reported on the shocking revelation that the Trudeau government is planning to rubber-stamp potentially dangerous asylum seekers.

Candice spoke with two senior sources and they both revealed that the new policy would fast-track and quickly accept claims from countries with historically high acceptance rates into Canada by the IRB – this includes Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. These countries with high acceptance rates for refugees also tend to have significant numbers of claims rejected for security reasons. 

Despite the left’s outcries, the security of our borders and the security of Canadians should be a high priority for the Canadian government.

Earlier this year, we helped the Toronto Sun’s report which revealed more than 300 foreign terrorists, spies, and criminals who pose a risk to Canada’s national security tried to sneak into Canada in 2016.

As Candice Malcolm writes, “there is no shortage of terrorists, spies and serious criminals manipulating the global refugee crisis to gain entry into naïve and accepting Western countries. Now is not the time to start skipping steps and cutting corners in our screening and vetting process.”