Political Correctness Run Amok: Nazi Pugs?

By: Karen Staughan

A precedent-setting decision came down in a court in Scotland this week. Count Dankula", a once obscure, self-described YouTube shitposterwhose real name is Marcus Meechan, has been convicted under the Communications Act of being grossly offensive.He will be sentenced next month, and faces up to a year in prison.

His criminal act? Uploading a joke video in which he, over the course of a week or two, turned his girlfriends pug Buddha into a certified, card carrying Nazi. To piss her off. Because shes always bragging about how cute and adorable her wee dog is,and he wanted to turn it into the least cute thing [he] could think of.

Over the course of Buddhas indoctrination into The National Socialist German Workers Party and full-on Hitler worship, he was meticulously trained to get walkies!excited when hearing the phrase gas the Jews, and to raise his paw in a salute on the command sig heil.

Meechan documents in detail the process of brainwashing the poor pooch into the worlds most hated ideology. Buddha hams it up the entire time, and is the star of the show. In closing, Meechan clarifies that hes not a racist himself, he just wanted to piss his girlfriend off. But poor Buddha has, apparently, been fully indoctrinated into the hateful and authoritarian nazi ideology, as conveyed by Meechan overlaying a portrait of Hitler over Buddhas face, complete with scare music and a still shot of the pug with a crappy Photoshopped Hitler mustache, surrounded by swastikas, at the end.

The video went viral. And Scottish police arrested him. Over a joke.

Even more alarmingly, the Crown Prosecutor was determined to see Meechan convicted of a much more serious hate speech offence that could have put him away for five years, arguing strenuously that Meechans defencethat it was a joke, that there was a disclaimer that it was a joke and hes not a nazi, and that in order for the joke to be funny it depended on the premise that nazis are badwas nothing more than a smokescreen to conceal his true, nazi-proselytizing agenda.

Yes. You heard me. The prosecutor tried to argue that what Meechan was really trying to do was sell nazism to the masses via the adorable face of an innocent pug, rather than trying to piss off his girlfriend by turning her adorable pug into something ugly like a nazi.

This despite Meechans hammer-and-sickle tattoo, and the politics on full display in his video repertoire, which comprise a bunch of viewpoints and principles put into a blender until the only thing you can say to describe them is… “anti-authoritarian liberalish?Oh, and he doesnt like social justice warriors, or Angela Merkels plans to Islamify the European Union.

I guess that makes me a nazi, too.

After two years of shilly-shallying in the courts, and delay after delay, he was convicted of the lesser offence of being offensive.

I expect Meechans girlfriend is pretty pissed off now. As am I.

Well. Thats an understatement. I am beyond angry.

Whether you find this kind of inappropriate humor funny or not (I will admit, I giggled while watching it), this decision should put the fear in every citizen of a country that is not the United States. Even if you believe Meechan is a nazi hiding some subliminal hate message under a cloak of humor and cuteness, you need to be afraid.

As we all know, Canada is not a free speech absolutiststate. Neither is any country in Europe. Alternative media sites like YouTube and social media sites like Twitter used to be the place to voice your alternative opinions, but are now, under pressure from governments, lobby groups and advertisers, narrowing the scope of what language can be used and what topics can be discussed. While Germany goes completely haywire, Angela Merkel has mandated that the people who complain about her grand plans on Facebook be raided and arrested. While yet another Asianperpetrated child sex grooming gang scandal rocks the UK, a Crown Prosecutor is wasting everyones time and money, and one mans life, on the altar of political correctness.

What the hell are we allowing to happen here, and how long are we prepared to tolerate it happening? Especially since, when all is said and done, Scottish authorities pinned this crime on the wrong guy.

Sheesh. Its the damn pug whos the nazi.