The NDP Record

What do we know about the New Democrats? They claim to stand up for working men and women, but their socialist policies have led to economic ruin and hardship where ever they’ve been tried.  

The NDP has a track record that speaks for itself. They’re reckless, irresponsible, unrealistic, and worst of all, they believe YOUR money belongs to THEM.

British Columbia / John Horgan

  • Single handedly responsible for the downfall of the Kinder Morgan pipeline, which is vital to Canada’s economy
    • Even Calgary Mayor, Naheed Nenshi, called Horgan “one of the worst politicians that we’ve seen in Canada in decades”
  • Horgan introduced a crippling carbon tax
    • Gas prices in BC are the highest in North America, but Horgan shrugged this off and has done nothing about gas prices
  • No concept of budgets or fiscal management
    • Their first budget promises billions in spending and introduces new taxes to pay for their promises
  • Several of Premier John Horgan’s top staff improperly deleted all of their sent emails for months, leaving confusion over publicly-accessible records

Alberta / Rachel Notley

  • The NDP lack fiscal management skills and the ability to balance budgets
    • Received income from oil, gas and investments that was $3.3 billion higher than they expected; still ran a $10.8 billion deficit in 2016
  • Introduced a reckless carbon tax right after being elected in 2015 promising it would bring a “social license” to build pipelines
    • No pipelines built so far
    • Depressed job creation in the oil and gas sector
    • Increased gas prices, natural gas, groceries
  • Tried to force their Marxist ideology on school children
    • Encouraged children to call one another “comrades”

Manitoba / Greg Selinger

  • Like their counterparts, the NDP failed to balance budgets
  • A record of wasting tax dollars:
    • Manitoba taxpayers shelled out about $250,000 annually to pay the salaries of two union officials who were hired to help manage Premier Greg Selinger’s dysfunctional government
    • Purchased $5 million worth of “Tiger Dams” even when civil servants advised against the decision


Radical candidates

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has personal ties with a Canadian Sikh rapper who glorifies violence and promotes Khalistani independence.
Wab Kinew, NDP Leader in Manitoba, was once accused of domestic assault. He also wrote rap lyrics that was demeaning to women and gays and lesbians

The NDP has a record of failure and mismanagement. They’re extremists who put a smiling face on a deadly socialist ideology. They put big government first, and the people second.

They’re not fit to govern anywhere!