Omar Khadr on the CBC

The CBC rolled out the red carpet for a convicted terrorist.

Omar Khadr appeared on the CBC funded program “Tout le monde en parle” (Everyone’s talking about it) on Easter Sunday.

The CBC fawned over Khadr. They gave him the royal treatment.

The mainstream media wants you to forget the fact that Omar Khadr admitted to killing US Army Sergeant Christopher Speer, while Khadr was an al-Qaeda operative in Afghanistan.

The mainstream media wants you to forget about the footage of him putting together improvised explosive devices–the same kind that claimed the lives of so many of our Canadians soldiers.

The mainstream media wants you to forget that Justin Trudeau attempted to secretly give Khadr $10.5 million.

This is exactly why True North and independent journalism is so important.

We’re not afraid to call Omar Khadr what he is–a convicted terrorist. We’ll continue to condemn terrorists and call out the mainstream media for glorifying him.

Frankly, we don’t care what the elites in the mainstream media think of us.

We’ll continue to stand up for proud Canadians like you.


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