Politicians need to cut their salaries!

The coronavirus and the ensuing lockdowns have had a devastating impact on the Canadian economy.

Unemployment has reached historic highs.

Thousands of small businesses have closed their doors.

More Canadians than ever are dependent on the government to make ends meet.

Meanwhile, those enforcing these restrictive lockdown measures seem oblivious to the economic impact of their decisions.

While they force thousands of Canadians out of work, most politicians in Canada don’t lose a single penny. They are still collecting their six-figure salaries from taxpayers.

Does this seem okay to you?

The coronavirus is a serious threat to public health, but it’s been months since the virus arrived in Canada.

Canadians are capable of rebuilding our economy while also taking precautions like social distancing, mass testing and protecting vulnerable populations.

Shutting down restaurants, gyms and other businesses takes aim at working-aged Canadians and ignores everything we have learned about COVID-19 in the last few months. 

If politicians continue to insist on more lockdown measures, they should also feel the economic impact of their decisions.

We’re calling on all Canadian politicians to take a pay cut until they fully reopen the economy. It’s only fair. 

Do you agree with us? 

If more than 20,000 Canadians sign our call-to-action, we’ll use our platforms to demand that politicians right across the country cut their salaries.

Sign your name today!

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