Real women aren't fooled by Trudeau's fake feminism


(This column originally appeared in the Toronto Sun)

By: Candice Malcolm

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a proud feminist. He tells us over and over and over again.

But Canadian women aren’t impressed. A recent Ipsos poll revealed that more women plan to vote for Conservatives than Liberals in the 2019 election.

It’s a surprising revelation given how much Trudeau goes out of his way to cater to so-called women’s issues.

In 2015, women made up 27% of elected Liberal Members of Parliament, and yet, Trudeau appointed 50% to his cabinet. His reason? “Because it’s 2015,” he said with a smirk.

Stating the current year hardly explains why cabinet appointees should be based on quotas and favouritism rather than qualifications and merit.

If Trudeau had appointed women proportionately based on the pool of MPs, there would be eight female cabinet members, not 15.

That means seven women were promoted based solely on their gender. And a casual observer of federal politics might be able to pick out which seven female cabinet ministers were appointed above their level of competency.

That’s just the beginning of Trudeau’s bumper-sticker activism.

Trudeau said he’s raising his sons to be feminists. Meanwhile, his government changed the lyrics of O Canada to remove the word “sons” – apparently, a sexist term that should no longer be sung by Canadians.

He interrupted a young woman in Edmonton to tell her not to say mankind but instead to say “peoplekind.”

Trudeau later said he was joking, but then his government ordered Service Canada to avoid using gender-specific titles like sir and madam while speaking to Canadians.

In Trudeau’s Canada, there are no men and women, just people.

Trudeau’s silly political correctness rests atop a radical feminist agenda. His policies aren’t designed to help everyday Canadian women, but instead to virtue signal and show off his far-left credentials.

Canadian women aren’t buying it though, and only 30% of women currently support his party.

Perhaps that’s because actions speak louder than words. And this government has shown anything but an interest in helping Canadian women succeed and stand on their own two feet.

Just look at Trudeau’s recent budget, which gave plenty of lip service to radical feminism without addressing the things women really care about: jobs, economic growth, pipelines, energy affordability, debt, combating terrorism and extremism, ensuring safe communities and preparing for the future.

To the ire of most women, Trudeau’s policies have raised taxes on middle class families while burying young Canadians further in debt.

Canada’s federal market debt recently surpassed $1 trillion – the highest debt level in our history.

Women also care about being respected and treated fairly. When Conservative MP and former cabinet minister Lisa Raitt criticized Trudeau’s recent budget for its lack of substance, Finance Minister Bill Morneau called her a “Neanderthal.”

This isn’t as bad as when Trudeau elbowed NDP MP Ruth-Ellen Brosseau in the chest, but it’s part of the same troubling pattern.

If you disagree with Trudeau and his agenda, you’re viewed as sub-human.

Even on the topic of sexual harassment, the Liberal record is appalling. There are currently five Liberal MPs suspended from caucus for alleged sexual harassment: Scott Andrews, Massimo Pacetti, Hunter Tootoo, Kent Hehr and Darshan Kang.

On top of that, Claude-Éric Gagné, a top aide in Trudeau’s Prime Minister’s Office, is currently “on leave” amidst similar allegations.

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