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Islamist terrorists plan to attack Canada. And no, I don’t mean that metaphorically. I don’t mean they hate our values, which they do.

I mean Islamist terrorists are working on plans to kill Canadians. In Canada. And they plan to use loopholes in our immigration and security laws to do it.

Last week, I spoke with a senior security official who told me that because of the massive influx of illegal immigration across our land border, and asylum claims coming from the United States, the CBSA - that is Canada’s border guards - have had to move security officers away from our airports and to the land crossings to cope with the surge.

Then this week, we learn that Islamist sympathizers have infiltrated our airports.

At Montreal’s Trudeau International Airport, there were four employees were removed from their posts over apparent radicalization and support for the Islamic State.

One individual, who had strategic access to airport runways and aircrafts, also had done extensive research on military-caliber weapons and how to build homemade bombs.

The worst part of this report: these individuals weren’t even fired. One of these guys is off killing people in Iraq alongside the Islamic State, and, for all we know, he is still getting a paycheck from the federal government.

Stories like this are the reason why I started the True North Initiative. We need a group of people in Canada dedicated to exposing national security threats and urging our government to close the loopholes in our laws that are putting us at harm.

Since we started the True North, we’ve grown a lot. We now have former military officials and senior immigration analysts on our board. But we need more.

I want us to hire someone to spend the next four months doing nothing but examining the flaws in our airports. There are rumours that the Trudeau government is soon going to announce a plan to privatize our airports - possibly selling them to a foreign company.

Before that happens, we need to know that our airports are actually secure. Will selling them to a private company make them more or less safe?

That’s why we need to hire someone to look into this. You know the Trudeau Liberals aren’t going to do it.

I figure we need around $15,000 to hire a researcher to do this job for a few months. I’m putting up my own money to help with this. Will you help too?

We need to file access to information requests, make phone calls and conduct interviews, read reports and talk to the right people to figure out what is happening. We need a comprehensive analysis to identify the flaws, and figure out a way to fix them.

We need to keep Canada safe, for all Canadians.

We're so grateful for your support to the True North Initiative. We’ve only gotten this far because of you.

But can you help us get to the next level? Can you help us expose the flaws in our security system, so we can make Canada safer and more secure.

If you can help, please donate today!

You can also donate by mailing us a cheque:

True North Initiative 
PO Box 19062
1153 56th St
Delta, BC
V4L 2P8

Thank you, and thank you for standing up for Canada.